duolist, real-time task lists you can share with friends

May 2014

Over the past few weeks, I have been making duolist, a web app to create real-time task lists you can share with friends. Duolist is focused on three core principles:


A task in duolist is nothing more than a checkbox and a description. This allows you to focus on getting things done without other features getting in the way.


When one person makes a change to a list (Re-order, complete a task, change a description, etc.), that change will immediately sync with anyone else currently viewing that list.


Lists can be organized in any order or by drag and dropping them into folders. Items within a single list can be re-ordered by a simple drag. Duolist allows you to craft your lists exactly how you want them.

Why another to-do app?

A plethora of to-do applications already exist for both web and mobile. However, none of them quite fit my workflow or there were too many features getting in the way. I wanted a way to complete tasks by myself or with other people that was simple and felt incredibly responsive. At the end of the day, I made duolist for myself, but I hope you are able to glean some value from it as well.

Please send me any feedback you may have over email or twitter.

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