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Announcing my new iOS app, narwhal for reddit

April 2014

I am pleased to announce the launch of my latest iOS application, narwhal for reddit, that I made with my friend Ken Finney. Narwhal is a client for focused on simplicity and design. The feature set we chose to incorporate revolves around the core browsing and interaction experience of reddit. Actions such as reading links and comments, voting, posting comments, and reading your messages.

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I am a software developer focused on innovation through web and mobile. Currently, I am a senior engineer at Apple. Previously, I ran the development shop Nine Robot that I founded alongside two of my close friends. Prior to that, I was part of the founding engineering team at Sincerely. My work primarily consists of development for iPhone and iPad, as well as creating back-end systems using node.js. Most recently I have been experimenting with front-end applications using Ember.js

Outside of the development world, my primary interests lie in skiing, finance/investing, music, golf, video games, and rock climbing. I'm always open to new ideas and side projects to work on.


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